1) What do we give our friends on Valentine's Day? a) Cards b) Flowers c) Presents 2) Who has a bow and arrow to make people fall in love? a) Santa b) Cupid c) The Easter Bunny 3) Who delivers cards in the mail? a) The Easter Bunny b) Santa c) Mailman/Postal worker 4) What do you put a card inside of to mail it? a) Envelope b) Stamp c) Box 5) What do you put on an envelope so that you can mail it? a) Envelope b) Stamp c) Cupid 6) Where does a stamp go? a) On an envelope b) On a card c) In a box 7) What is a sweet treat that we eat on Valentine's Day? a) Candy/Chocolate b) Pizza c) Cupid 8) What shape means love? a) Square b) Circle c) Heart 9) Where is mail delivered? a) Store b) Mailbox c) Mailman/postal worker 10) When is Valentine's Day? a) December 25 b) November 24 c) February 14




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