Breathing - The process of taking air into the lungs and then releasing it., Respiration - The inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon dioxide., Larynx - A hollow organ that connects the throat to the trachea and holds the vocal cords (voice box)., Trachea - The windpipe, main tube that carries air to the lungs., Bronchi - The main passageways into the lungs, one for each lung., Carbon Dioxide - A waste gas that leaves our bodies when we exhale., Bronchioles - A narrow tube inside the lungs that branches off the main bronchi., Alveoli - Tiny air sacs in the lungs, where oxygen enters and carbon dioxide leaves the blood., Capillary - Tiny blood vessels., Inhale - To breathe in., Exhale - To breathe out., Diaphragm - Muscle between the lungs and stomach that is used when you breathe., Lungs - Breathing organs located in the chest., Cilia - Tiny hairs that protect the respiratory tract from dust and other particles., Rib Cage - Twelve sets of bones in the chest that protect the lungs.,




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