A: What do you do now that you've retired? B: I do a lot of gardening. I _____ it, but now I love it! (not like)  - didn't use to like, A: We've just been to Granada on holiday B: Really? I ___ there! (live) - used to live, A: You didn't answer my text yesterday. B: Sorry, I ___ it till nearly midnight. (not read) - didn't read, A: Where were you at 9 last night? B: I__ dinner with some friends. (have) - was having, A: What happened to your finger? B: I __ lunch and I __ myself (make, cut) - was making, cut, A: Do you go to the cinema much? B: Not any more. We __ a lot, but then we __ a home cinema. (go, buy) - used to go, bought, A: Why weren't you here at 8.30? B: I only __ at 8. At 8.30 I __ breakfast. (get up, have) - got up, was having, A: How long did you spend in Ireland? B: We __ there for a week. (stay) - stayed, A: Robert's really changed since he was a student. B: Yes, he __ much longer hair then. (have) - used to have, A: Why did the police stop you? B: I don't know, I ___ very fast. (not drive) - wasn't driving, A: When did you last go to London? B: I __ a weekend there last month. (spend) - spent, A: She used to play the piano when she was young. B: Why ___ she _____? - did she stop, A: Your dad doesn't do much exercise, does he? B: No, he ______ football, but he __ his leg two years ago. - used to play, broke, A: Were you good friends at university? B: Yes, we __ the same flat for two years. (share) - shared, A: Didn't you hear what I said? B: No, sorry, I __ to the radio. (listen) - was listening,

Past Simple, Past Continuous, or used to?




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