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Tim Curtis
Computing and ICT teacher
United Kingdom

Creating resources from scratch is a breeze. From inspiration to implementation in a couple of minutes means that lessons can be flexible, creative and dynamic.

The flexibility and ease of use means that sophisticated, careful planned Wordwalls can be used alongside off-the-cuff creations as lessons veer off at a tangent.

As a classroom management tool, the ease with which a seating plan can be created, tweaked and re-used for other classes is a real time saver. Then, using the plan in a lesson in combination with the spinner keeps the whole class on their toes.

Enabling every student to contribute their ideas makes the lesson truly interactive and ensures that everyone is "heard" no matter how quiet or timid they may be.

Josipa Oreč Živković

I'm really satisfied with using Wordwall so far.

I'm using it for the introductory part of the lesson to arouse interest for the new knowledge pupils are about to receive and in the closing part of the lesson I'm using it in order to get feedback on the knowledge adopted.

I like the simplicity of creating and editing new interactive materials - It is very "user friendly".

I introduced this platform to my colleagues and they were thrilled.

Kind regards,


Rickard Carlsson
Music teacher

My students really love Wordwall and have fast developed skills for using musical terms, concepts and recognizing instruments in an extent beyond my belief.

Wordwall even helps my students by speeding up the process during composing projects with creating songtexts, choosing themes and chords.

Wordwall devide my classes in working groups and ensembles and activates everybody with funny games both on the classprojector and on the students own iPads, cellphones, chomebooks and PC.

As a musicteacher I use Wordwall basically every lesson in order to vary the lesson and repeat and deepen the knowledge but in a easy way.

Wordwall alows me as a teacher to reach out to the "gaming generation" with a minimum of effort and preparation.

The plattform and website has been really solid and stable and it's easy to share different tasks with the students.

Wordswalls inspiring range of templates and activities is helping me to grow and find new educational ways as a teacher.

Rickard Carlsson

Romy Higgins
TEFL teacher

Wordwall is great for big groups using an interactive whiteboard or smaller groups using a tablet. My students love the tactile nature of the activities and it makes a nice change from pen and paper.

I like using Match up to introduce new English vocabulary and Random wheel for discussion questions. It’s so easy to create activities too so it makes planning a lot quicker.



Danilo Leardini
Math and Sciences teacher

I'm math and sciences Teacher on the middle school in Italy.

Generally all the major pedagogists of the century tell us that the boys learn quickly if stimulated through play and joke. In the Italian school this fact has been very little in the last 20 years especially in secondary school... in this moments we are changing.

I myself now teach for teachers and for students new multimedia technologies and how to use them... for now it is very early to have a precise feedback on wordwall, but I saw enormous educational potential.

Generally I use free apps because don't have much money to spend in Learning... but for Wordwall I made an exception.

Very thanks a lot and my best regards

Danilo Leardini

(Sorry for my English but I speak and write very few.)

Jackie Miley
Senior numeracy teacher
United Kingdom

When I use Wordwall my students tend to be much more enthusiastic, they get really excited. I think it's the instant response, the fact that they get immediate feedback.

You can take the same resource and just tweak it, so you can do something different at the beginning, you can do a plenary at the end, you can print off a crossword for homework. But you don't have to re-type any of that, you don't have to start from scratch. You don't have to mess around with animations or colours. It's literally, type it in, boom, go!

Monika Kapuśnia
English teacher

I use it with my students and we are absolutely crazy about the activities I can prepare using the app.

Once I was trying to find something cool for my lessons and found your app. First I created just 5 resources but soon got hungry for more so I bought one of the plans... and now... nothing can stop me :-)

I am so happy that I can print activities. I can't even think about what changes I would like to introduce :-)

Rob Lewis
Writer for "The Digital Teacher"
United Kingdom

Wordwall takes vocabulary games and reviews into the digital world, and is easy to use for teachers and learners. If you are looking to add a new digital tool to your teaching, this is a very good place to start.

Read full review at The Digital Teacher

Steve Simkin
Science teacher
United Kingdom

Wordwall has really reinvigorated my approach to teaching.

I currently teach at a school in special measures where 50% of the pupils are on free school meals and a significant proportion of my pupils have literacy skills well below their age related expectations.

The quick fire, interactive and fun aspects of the activities have been fantastic in engaging my challenging pupils whilst also providing the opportunity to truly embed and consolidate key words and enhance my practice.

Wordwall provides a quick and easy way to ensure starter activities and plenaries are effective at truly assessing my pupils’ prior knowledge and learning. In addition, it has provided multiple strategies to noticeably improve their retention of key words and facts (through the use of anagrams, easily constructed multiple choice questions, matching exercises).

I am looking to introduce Wordwall to my colleagues in order to raise scientific literacy standards across our department, with a focus on key words across the KS3 and KS4 science curriculum.

Clara Mingrino
English teacher

I learned about Wordwall I think about a month ago, thanks to a Webinar. I really loved it at once!

I use it in my teaching practise almost every day now and in my opinion it’s very very useful with every kind of students... I mean... dyslexics, students with special needs (that have just for few hours their teachers), and students without any motivation. I use it with clever students,too!

Everyone of them likes it and they revise or improve their English and play at the same time! Think that at Easter I gave just some Wordwall games to do as homework! I have used it even for written test...

So, Thanks for creating Wordwall!

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