1) ...you don’t let your cats do. 2) ...you often let your cats do. 3) ...speaking fluent English will enable you to do. 4) ...finding a better job will allow you to do. 5) ...you’d love to be able to do after the lesson. 6) ...you were able to do when you were a child. 7) ...you’ve been able to do over the last few years. 8) ...you’ll be able to do very soon. 9) ...you force your partner to do. 10) ...that made you think about your future. 11) ...you wouldn’t have had to do if you had studied harder at school. 12) ...you are going to have to do in the foreseeable future. 13) ...you’ve had to do today. 14) ...you had had to do before you came to the lesson.

Name 3 things that... Grammar p.147 Practise




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