We were just talking about this new sports centre they're building in town. Do you play any sport at all, Kim? - 1, Me? Well, not really. I used to play a bit of football. - 2, Did you? Me too. I was never any good, though. - 3, Me neither. Talking of football, did you see the match last night? - 4, Against Real Madrid? No, I missed it. I had to go to a birthday party. - 5, Pity. It was a great game. On the subject of parties, have you made any plans for New Year's Eve yet? - 6, Not yet, no. Why, are you doing something? - 7, No, nothing special. By the way, sorry to talk business, but did you remember to send that estimate to Clive? - 8, Yeah, I sent it yesterday. Oh, that reminds me. Clive said to tell you he won't be able to make Thursday's meeting. He said he'd call you. - 9, Oh, right. Thanks for telling me. Incidentally, have you still got my Rolling Stones CD? - 10, Oops! Yeah, sorry. I meant to give it back to you. I'll bring it tomorrow. Thanks for lending it to me. - 11, No problem. Oh, before I forget. I've got two tickets to see them in Manchester if you're interested. - 12, Are you kidding? Of course I'm interested! I've never seen them live. - 13,

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