1) He _(sit)_____ in a cafe when I saw him. a) was sitting b) was siting c) sat d) were sitting 2) When I __(go out)____ the sun was shining. a) goed out b) gone out c) was going out d) went out 3) The boy fell down while he __(run)____. a) ran b) was running c) were running d) was runing 4) When the war began we __(live)____ in London. a) lived b) were living c) we liveing d) was living 5) The light went out while I __(have)____ tea. a) had b) was haveing c) was having d) haved e) were having 6) My friends ______ when I came into the room. a) sanged b) was singing c) singing d) were singing e) sung 7) While you  __(play)____the piano I wrote a letter. a) plaing b) were plaing c) was playing d) were playing e) played 8) He __(eat)____ his dinner when I went to see him. a) ate b) eaten c) eating d) were eating e) was eating 9) She ___(study)___at shcool when the eathquake happened . a) study b) was studing c) was studying d) studying e) were studying 10) When the phone rang I (have) ______ a bath. a) had b) was having c) have d) was haveing e) were having 11) They were skiing when they _____(see)_______ an avalanche. a) were seeing b) was seeing c) seed d) saw 12) The wildfire ______(arrive) while the people were sleeping.  a) were arriving b) arrive c) arrived d) was arriving



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