1) They ... to take the silk into Europe. a) significant b) managed c) In spite of d) waste of time 2) We succeeded ... closing the deal a) significant b) across c) out d) in 3) Can you find ... more about our partner in Vietnam? a) out b) Generally speaking c) to d) in 4) How did you come ... that piece of information? a) triumph b) managed c) in d) across 5) Your presentation was a real ... What a success! a) significant b) expertise c) triumph d) However 6) Didn't you think this morning's meeting was a complete...? a) Generally speaking b) waste of time c) underlines d) expertise 7) His most ... achievement was to work in the same company for 40 years! a) Generally speaking b) However c) waste of time d) amazing 8) We made a ... breakthrough in negotiations today. a) out b) significant c) Even though d) Generally speaking 9) You'll need someone with financial ... if you want this to work. a) Generally speaking b) waste of time c) Even though d) expertise 10) I'll bring you up to ... on everything. a) significant b) date c) in d) managed 11) ..., I was quite impressed. a) significant b) Even though c) expertise d) Generally speaking 12) This ... the importance of doing new research. a) significant b) underlines c) across d) date 13) What we need ... do now is visit their factory. a) managed b) Generally speaking c) to d) triumph 14) Things look bad. ..., we must keep trying. a) However b) to c) date d) across 15) ... I told her you were busy, she demanded to speak with you. a) Even though b) across c) significant d) However 16) ... three warnings from the management, she keeps missing deadlines on her reports. a) to b) underlines c) In spite of d) Generally speaking

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