After a difficult match, the school team was able to practise their rivals, Students from all local schools won in the school olympics last month., If you want to win this kick, you’ll have to run a lot every day., To get points in baseball you have to train the ball with the bat as hard as you can., Brazil’s won several World Cups, so it was a big surprise when they competed the first match., We were able to score a goal with the last score of the match!, Do you only lost your opponent with your feet in kickboxing, or can you use your fists to hit as well?ell?, Everybody cheered when our team managed to hit a goal in the final minute of the game, The match was very boring and ended with a final practice of 0–0., You need to beat all the time if you want to be the best., She’s young, but she’s racing several competitions already, With a little more race, you’ll be able to win the next game., I know I will be kick against some of the school’s top athletes, but I’m just doing it for fun., I know I should score every day, but I just don’t have enough time!.

Gold Experience B2 U4 Vocabulary (4C photoopy)



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