1) Can you ... a photo? a) take b) play c) listen 2) When do you ... to your friends? a) take b) talk c) watch 3) When do you ... cartoons? a) take b) watch c) play 4) Do they ... to the radio? a) take b) watch c) listen 5) Do we ... games on Sunday? a) play b) listen c) talk 6) When do you talk ... your parents? a) to b) at c) on 7) Can we listen ... music? a) to b) at c) with 8) When do you ... karate? a) play b) do c) have 9) When do they ... an English lesson? a) do b) have c) play 10) Do you ... your grandparents on Saturday? a) play b) live c) visit 11) I ... in a big house with my family. a) watch b) live c) do 12) We do ... on Monday. a) drama b) cartoons c) radio 13) Can you ... tennis? a) read b) do c) play 14) I don't take ... with my phone. a) cartoons b) music c) photos 15) Do we have a singing ... on Tuesday? a) lesson b) cartoons c) headphones 16) When do you ... dinner? a) listen b) do c) cook



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