New York is one of the largest ____ of the USA and of the world as well. It is an important ____ of culture. Some people say it is the ____ capital of the world. Everybody ____ New York’s street Broadway which is famous for its ____. New York is situated in the ____ of the country. Much of the city is on the ____ islands: Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island. When people ____ about New York, they usually think of Manhattan. This ____ is more than ____ kilometres long and more than three and a half kilometres ____. New York is a city of ____. It has ____ kilometres of streets and more than ____ people live there. They speak as many as 800 languages.More than 20,000,000 visitors ____ in New York every year. Lots of them say it is the most ____ city of the world, the city that newer sleeps.

RbEn 6. U4.6 New York (Listen and complete the text) p.29



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