Have you ever eaten _ much food?, What age is old ___ to buy cigarettes and alcohol? Is the Russian government’s age limits __ low or too high?, Have you ever felt like you were __ smart to do something?, Do you think designer brand name products are ___ expensive? (Gucci, Armani, LV, etc), Do you think that your country’s big corporations are ___ big, big ___, or not big _____________?, Do you get __exercise?, What do you never have ___ of?, What age is old __ to serve in the military?, Have you ever felt like you were not smart __ to do something?, How much is __ much money? Is it possible to have __ much money?, How about brand name products, are they ___expensive? (Samsung, Sony, LG), Have you ever been __afraid to do something?, Many people think that they never have __stuff. Why do you think this is?, What do you have __ much of?.




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