arena - a central, level area for the performance of sports or entertainment, having raised seats around it is an a_, tickets - The theatre t_ were sold out, so we waited to see if there were any cancellations ., box - Tickets are $8 and are available only at the b_office., audience - The secret to public speaking is to get the a_ on your side., crowd - A c_ of about 15,000 attended the concert., curtain - He pulled the c_ aside and the audience could finally see a bit of the stage., extra - a period of time in a sports game in which play continues if neither team has won is e_ time, whistle - Dejected fans began leaving long before the final w_., matinee - The play was performed during the day, so couldn't attend the m_ , intervals - There will be two 20-minute i_ during the opera., half - The score at h_-time was still four all., opponent - In the second game, her o_ hurt her leg and had to retire., performance - He was an experienced player who was always seeking to improve his p_., row - We had seats in the front r_., scene - It took seven retakes to get the s_ exactly right., score - The final s_ was 3–0., spectators - The stadium was packed with cheering s_., stalls - the seats on the main floor of a theatre or cinema, not at a higher level are s_, circle - an upper floor in a theatre or cinema where people sit to watch the performance is a c_,



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