1. Teenagers love watching political programs on TV., 2. Teenagers don’t mind listening to classical music., 3 .Teenagers enjoy doing volunteer work and community service during holidays., 4 .Teenagers like doing some little jobs (delivering flyers, babysitting, etc.) in their free time to get some pocket money., 5. Teenagers love drawing graffiti on the street walls., 6. Teenagers hate going sightseeing during their summer holidays., 7. Teenagers hate reading books in their free time., 9. Teenagers love going shopping with their parents., 13. Teenagers hate tidying up their bedroom., 12. Teenagers don’t mind helping their parents with the housework., 14. Teenagers like spending hours chatting with friends on the Internet, even if they met each other before during the day., 15. Teenagers don’t enjoy playing video games or computer games much., 16. Teenagers adore doing schoolwork and studying for their exams., 18. Teenagers don’t like eating fast food..



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