fossil fuels - People mustn’t burn ______________________because it's bad for the environment., global warming - The weather is hotter these days, and that is because of _____________________., looking after - Some people are not interested in _________________________ the environment., carry on - People use too much energy today. If we _________________ doing it, the climate will change even more!, used up - We _____________________ all the food in the fridge, so we need to get some more., renewable energy - _______________ such as solar and wind power are developping nowadays., give up - We should _________________ using cars every day to help the environment., dying out - Some types of bird are ______________., cut down - People mustn't __________________ trees because it destroys the world's forests., pollution - I don't want to live in a big city because there’s too much ____________________., come up with - I'd like to __________________ an idea to stop global warming, rely on - Students shouldn't _______________ online translators, they make a lot of mistakes, puts off - My friend always _______________ doing homework, and is usually late with it, run out - Do you think people will _____________ of fossil fuels in 100 years?, heating up - Some people believe that __________ food in microwave owens is dangerous,




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