1) ___'s your name? a) When b) Why c) What 2) ____'s Moscow? It's in Russia a) When b) Where c) What 3) ____ do you see your best friend? - Every day a) Why b) Where c) How often 4) ___ do you like this film? - Because it's interesting a) What b) Why c) How 5) ___ do you get to school? - I walk a) How b) How often c) When 6) ___ is your birthday? - It's in May a) Where b) What c) When 7) ___ is your favourite actor? - It's Johnny Depp a) What b) Who c) When 8) ___ pencil is this? - It's Mary's a) Who b) Why c) Whose 9) ___ is your book? - It's on the table a) When b) Where c) Who 10) ___ do you live? - I live in Russia a) When b) Why c) Where 11) ___ do you have breakfast? - At 7.30 a) How b) Where c) When 12) ___ are you? - I'm fine, thanks, and you? a) Who b) How c) Why 13) ___ do you like this show? - Because it's funny a) How b) Why c) Where 14) ____ do you do your homework? - I do it in the evening a) When b) Where c) Who 15) __ is it? - It's my mum a) How b) Who c) Why

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