1) to defeat someone in a game, election, competition or a battle a) board game (n phr) b) classical music (n phr) c) beat (v) d) cheat (v) 2) any game in which you move objects around on a special board a) challenge (v) b) board game (n phr) c) beat (v) d) cheat (v) 3) the person who is in charge of a team or organisation a) classical music (n phr) b) captain (n) c) champion (n) d) challenge (n) 4) to invite someone to compete or fight a) challenge (n) b) competition (n) c) club (n) d) challenge (v) 5) something that needs a lot of skill, energy, and determination a) board game (n phr) b) challenge (n) c) coach (n) d) beat (v) 6) someone who has won an important competition a) concert (n) b) champion (n) c) challenge (v) d) captain (n) 7) to behave dishonestly or not to obey rules a) cheat (v) b) concert (n) c) challenge (n) d) coach (n) 8) serious music that is played on instruments such as the piano and the violin a) coach (n) b) concert (n) c) challenge (n) d) classical music (n phr) 9) an organisation for people who take part in a particular activity, or the building they use a) captain (n) b) competition (n) c) cheat (v) d) club (n) 10) someone who trains the sports player or team a) challenge (n) b) classical music (n phr) c) club (n) d) coach (n) 11) an organised event at which people try to win prizes by being better than other peole a) challenge (n) b) coach (n) c) competition (n) d) captain (n) 12) an event at which an orchestra, band, or musician plays or sings in front of an audience a) concert (n) b) club (n) c) champion (n) d) classical music (n phr)

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