Trees - Very big plants. There are lots in a forest., Wings - Most birds and insects use this to fly., Duck - A bird which loves water. It lives near rivers and lakes. rivers and lakes., spotted - An adjective to describe an insect with spots., plant - It lives and grows, but it isn't an animal. A flower is one., butterfly - It can fly, but it isn't a bird. It’s beautiful and it loves flowers., insect - This isn’t an animal or a plant. Lizards like to eat them., ground - This is the floor when we're outside., sea - A very big area of salt water., frog - This animal can swim and jump very well. It lives near rivers and lakes., field - There's a lot of grass here. Cows and sheep are usually in one., dinosaur - This animal was called ‘The terrible lizard’. It's extinct now., countryside - Not in the city. We can go here for a picnic., leaf - This is green. We can see it on a plant., river - There's water here, but it isn’t the sea or a lake., extinct - An adjective to describe plants or animals which don't live any more., park - In a town or a city, we can play here., striped - An animal with stripes is... ,




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