1) I’m sorry but this steak is cooked – it’s red inside. a) sub b) under c) over d) semi e) mis f) ex 2) Margaret gave the ring back to her husband after they got divorced. a) over b) re c) ex d) post e) mis f) under 3) This homework isn’t good enough – you need to do it. a) over b) under c) post d) mis e) re f) sub 4) I heard you – I thought you said ‘festival’, but you said ‘first of all’. a) mis b) re c) post d) over e) multi f) under 5) Ella doesn’t like wearing black clothes – she prefers coloured ones. a) mis b) re c) ex d) under e) micro f) multi 6) The roads are really icy today because of the zero temperatures. a) sub b) re c) under d) over e) post f) mis 7) Don't value your house. You can definitely sell it for more than £50,000. a) over b) under c) mis d) re e) sub f) post 8) Mum says you’re not going out in that skirt – it’s much too short. a) semi b) multi c) mini d) post e) over f) mis 9) My dad isn’t very good at tasking – he can only do one thing at a time. a) under b) over c) ex d) multi e) mini f) micro 10) I’m sorry, but this burger is cooked – it’s almost burned. a) under b) semi c) over d) multi e) re f) post




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