1) a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction a) referee (n) b) score (n) c) risk (n) d) pleasure (n) 2) someone whose job is to make sure that players in a game obey the rules a) score (n) b) support (v) c) referee (n) d) risk (v) 3) a regular pattern of sounds in music a) support (v) b) rhythm (n) c) risk (n) d) risk (v) 4) to do something although you know that something bad could happen as a result a) risk (v) b) score (v) c) rhythm (n) d) train (v) 5) the possibility that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen a) risk (n) b) rhythm (n) c) support (n) d) risk (v) 6) the number of points that someone gains in a game or test  a) support (v) b) pleasure (n) c) score (n) d) referee (n) 7) to get a point in a game or sport a) score (v) b) score (n) c) rhythm (n) d) referee (n) 8) to like a particular sports team and always want them to win a) referee (n) b) support (v) c) rhythm (n) d) pleasure (n) 9) help that you give to a particular idea, organisation, etc a) train (v) b) support (n) c) referee (n) d) rhythm (n) 10) to practice a sport regularly before a match or competition a) score (n) b) train (v) c) support (n) d) risk (v)

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