When you ask most people about the ____ apps on their smartphone, they say they use them to play games, surf the net, ____ people and ____. But jenny Harlow, a scientist from London, has got an app that does something much more important: it warns her when she is ____. The app is called Safety ____ and it gives users ____ earthquake and ____. The Japan ____ had the idea for the app after the 2011 earthquake in Japan, when many foreign tourists in the country were ____ what was happening and what they should do. Jenny was ____ to Japan when the earthquake ____. "____ there are a lot of earthquakes in Japan, it was the first time I ____ one. All the ____ and information ____ the Internet, radio and TV were in Japanese, and I couldn't understand. It was ____ and I didn't know what to do. "She had to ____ Japanese ____ to help her". The ____ app sends an ____ to users when a major earthquake happens, and also tells them if a tsunami ____ at the ____. The app gives lots of tips about what to do, where to go and how to ____, as well as a list of ____ Japanese phrases such as "Is this an earthquake?" and " Is it safe here?" ____, all the information is in English, and there are plans to add other languages. The Japan Tourist Agency plans to ____ the app at airports and tourist information centres in Japan. ____ the app, people visit a website and ____ it. "I'm coming to Japan again next year and I will ____ ____ alerts from the app," says Jenny.



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