1) It's cold. a) Close the window. b) Open the window. 2) I'm very hungry. a) Don't eat the soup, please. b) Eat the soup, please. 3) It's so late, I want to sleep. a) Go outside. b) Go to bed. 4) Is this movie good? a) No, it isn't. Watch it. b) No, it isn't. Don't watch it. 5) I don't hear you. a) Speak loudly, please. b) Be quiet, please. 6) It's cold outside. a) Don't take your hat. b) Don't forget your hat. 7) I'm bored. a) Play computer games. b) Take an umbrella. 8) I drive very fast. a) Don't be careful b) You be careful c) Careful be d) Be careful 9) This exercise is difficult. a) Let's do it together. b) Let's watch TV. c) Let's call the police 10) It's hot in this room. a) Close the door b) Open your book c) Open the window d) I'm frightened 11) We watched a horror film a) I'm frightened b) I'm hot c) I'm hungry d) I'm careful



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