By the end of this month, we ____ .... (move) to our new house so you can come and stay after that. This time tomorrow my parents ____ ... (fly) over the Atlantic on their way to Boston. Rob's exams are in May, so he ____ ... (do) them all by the 1st June. Hopefully you ____ ... (read) the book I lent you by the next time we see each other. If the match starts at 7.00 p.m., we ____ ... (play) until 8.45 at least. In a year's time , they ____... (build) the new road and we'll be able to get to work much quicker. When do you think you ____... (finish) paying your mortgage? Don't call me tomorrow morning because I ____... (drive) to Barcelona. It's been raining all day, but hopefully it ____ ... (stop) by tomorrow. We were planning to have a picnic. ____... (you go) to the supermarket later?



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