1) Matt drops his books. You help him pick them up, then he says, "Thanks." You respond... a) Excuse me. b) Please! c) No thanks. d) You're welcome! 2) Danny opens and holds the door for you. You say, "...." a) Thank you! b) No thanks. c) You're welcome. d) Excuse me. 3) Sally gives you a Valentine, but it's a type of candy you don't like. You say, "..." a) This is gross. b) Thank you! c) You're welcome! d) Ew. 4) A classmate took the color marker that you need. You ask, "..." a) Excuse me. b) You're welcome. c) Um....hello??? d) Can I please have that after you? 5) The teacher gives the class a special reward, but it's not what you were hoping for. You say, "..." a) But I don't want this. b) That's not fair! c) Thank you! d) This is lame. 6) The class is walking in line and you accidentally kick Sally's heel. You say, "..." a) Excuse me. b) Not sorry... c) Move out of the way! d) Sorry! 7) You have soda for lunch and a burp comes out accidentally. You say, "..." a) You're welcome. b) Please c) Excuse me. d) Wasn't that funny?!? 8) What is the "magic word"? a) Stop b) No thank you c) Please d) I want it NOW! 9) You ask your classmate if you can borrow a glue stick. He says yes. You respond, "..." a) Thanks! b) Ha! Chump. c) Thank you! d) You're welcome. 10) When you are speaking to someone you should make... a) eye contact! b) silly faces c) gross noises 11) You are meeting a new classmate and she says, "Hi my name is Liz." You respond, "..." a) Nice to meet you Lizzy b) Nice to meet you Liz! c) See ya d) You're welcome.

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