What benefits are most popular with employees? A ____ study shows that it ____ the age and position of the person in the company. For example, 63% of ____ are more interested in private ____ than a higher ____. However, a ____ of employees under 35 would prefer more money to extra days of ____.More and more companies are operating ____ systems where ____ choose their own benefits. At DST International, each ____ member of staff receives $800 a year, which they can spend on a number of things. These include private healthcare, ____ vouchers to help pay for their children's pre-school costs, or gym ____ for those who love sport. Jack Gratton, the Managing Director of Major Players, says most people in his company are young, and they are not interested in ____ schemes. Employees usually stay only for three years, so pensions are a ____ of money. What his staff often prefer is mobile phones, gym memberships, and ____ paid holiday.

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