1) Have you ever cut down a tree? 2) What products have you run out of? 3) What's the thing you try to put off all the time? 4) Do you ever pick up unknown people? 5) Will you tell off the teenagers throwing rubbish in the street? 6) At what time should you set out from home to be at work on time? 7) What do you usually do when the plane is taking off? 8) Have you ever been knocked out and found yourself unconscious? 9) What is the most difficult thing while bringing the children up? 10) Why do people show off? What's the worst example you've ever seen? 11) What a thing of yours has broken down recently? 12) What's the disease you have got over recently? 13) What things do you want to quit but still keep on doing? 14) Have you ever forgotten to hang up your phone and the other person kept on listening to you? Vice versa? 15) Have you ever blown anything up? 16) What will happen if one of your colleagues turns up late? 17) Did anyone let you down in your childhood? What happened? 18) What are the things tourists are recommended not to put out in different countries? Give examples.



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