1) Which word has a suffix? a) mascots b) Batman c) discontent 2) Which suffix can mean "more than one"? a) ing b) s c) ed 3) Which suffix shows that a verb happened in the past? a) s b) ing c) ed 4) Which suffix can show that a verb is happening in the present? a) ing b) ed c) s 5) What is the baseword of contracted? a) con b) contract c) ed 6) Which word has 3 syllables? a) panic b) athletic c) actress 7) Which word has schwa? a) dragon b) sunset c) misconduct 8) How should Wisconsin be tapped or clapped (by syllables)? a) Wis - consin b) Wisc - on - sin c) Wis - con - sin 9) What type of syllable has a vowel "closed in" by a consonant so that the sound is "short"? a) closed b) open c) v-c-e 10) What sound does the suffix "ed" make? (as learned in Book 3) a) ed b) id c) ud

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