1) I think they _______ smoking in this park after the next council meeting. a) will ban b) ban 2) He _______ into trouble soon because the music really is too loud. a) is getting b) is going to get 3) The government _______ to discuss the new law on 2nd February next year. a) meets b) is meeting 4) I've checked the timetable on the website, and our online communication course _____ tomorrow. a) is going to start b) starts 5) I ______ the fine. I don't agree with the court's findings. a) won't pay b) don't pay 6) It's not our intention to punish everyone, so we ______ the use of slang at school just because of a few noisy students. a) are not banning b) are not going to ban 7) She is on the verge of _______ a new house in the city centre. a) buying b) buy 8) They ___________ for the exam at this time next week. a) 'll be studying b) 'll study 9) I __________ English for four years this summer. a) 'll have been learning b) 'll be learning 10) We _________ in the house for long when you come to visit. a) won't be being b) won't have been 11) Jack is __________ finishing his degree. He just has to revise his thesis. a) almost b) on the point of 12) By the end of the year, I __________ for six months for the council to make a decision. a) will have been waiting b) will be waiting



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