1) This is my old teddy. It's ___ but I like it a) safe b) ugly c) interesting 2) My mobile isn't very expensive - it's ___! a) dangerous b) boring c) cheap 3) It's ____ to play on the road! a) dangerous b) safe c) interesting 4) This pool is ___ - the teacher helps us a) important b) safe c) exciting 5) This car costs a lot of money - it's very ___ a) exciting b) tall c) expensive 6) I don't like History - it's ___ a) interesting b) great c) boring 7) I love Harry Potter books - they're ___ a) tall b) little c) great 8) This house is very ____ - there's only one room a) big b) exciting c) little 9) I love animals and zoos are my favourite places - they're so ____ a) exciting b) ugly c) boring 10) Passport is an ___ document a) safe b) important c) cheap

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