basket - You put things you want to buy in it when you shop online or in a supermarket, shopassistant - A person who helps you in a shop when you want to buy something, size - If a T-shirt is too big or too small for you, it's not your ..., receipt - The piece of paper which they give you in a shop after you pay for something, account - If you want to buy things online, you usually have to create an ... with your personal details, customer - The person who buys things in the shop, suit - Those shoes really ... you! They look great!, fit - These trousers don't ... me! They're too big, trolley - It has four wheels and you push it in the supermarket, takeback - If you're not happy with something you bought, you ... it ... to the shop, checkout - When you're ready to pay for your items online, you proceed to..., shelf - Excuse me, where's the cereal? It's on the..., changingroom - You go into the ... ... to try something on, sales - When shops reduce the price of items,

EF Pre 4B Vocabulary extra practice




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