1) Mark is not serious. He takes ... his father. a) after b) away c) down 2) The dress I bought was too small, so I took it .... and exchanged it for a larger size. a) off b) back c) away 3) When does the plane take ... ? a) away b) off c) back 4) I always take ... my shoes as soon as I get home. a) away b) off c) back 5) The waiter took ... our plates fast. a) away b) back c) after 6) I ordered  some  sushi  to  take  .... . a) back b) off c) away 7) Don’t  forget  to  take  ...  the  address  of  this  young  man. a) back b) down c) off 8) He took the curtains ... . a) back b) down c) after 9) "I take ... what I said earlier," he told them. a) back b) away c) off 10) If an aircraft, bird, or insect takes ... , it leaves the ground and begins to fly. a) off b) away c) back 11) I have to take these books ... to the library. a) away b) back c) off 12) You should take ... all Christmas decorations. It`s spring already! a) off b) down c) away 13) He took his hat ... when he entered the building. a) down b) off c) back 14) He took .... everything the teacher said in his notebook. a) after b) off c) down 15) Tom takes ... his father in appearance , and ... his mother in character. a) off b) back c) after



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