Why might a laptop be running slowly?, Why might one need to run a security scan?, How can you free up some space on your computer?, How long does the battery in your phone last?, Do you often take photos? How many photos do you store on your phone? What was the last photo you took?, How often do you make backup copies? Do you think one needs to make them?, How good are you at remembering passwords? What will you do if you forget a password?, What do you do if you have a problem with your computer? Do you turn to anyone for help? If yes, in which situations?, Which apps do you use most often? Do you ever buy apps or only download them for free?, What makes you decide to buy a new gadget? How long does it take you to pick one you like?, How long does it take you to get used to a new phone/device?, Are you happy with the computer you have? Did you buy the parts for it separately? .



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