What’s the baby ____ ? Their car ____ very big. The boys are making a lot of ____. Does this bus go to the ____ ? ____ you like another drink? They live in a new ____. ____ have some food. Is ____ any food? – I’m hungry. They eat a lot of ____ fish here. What time do you ____ dinner? Her ____ works in Berlin. A glass of orange ____, please. Does anyone ____ the way to the restaurant? ____ knows where they are. Let’s ____ for lunch. Put the milk in the fridge. Our room is ____ 21. This orange ____ very sweet. - The capital of Australia is Canberra, not Sydney. – Oh yes, that’s ____. It’s my ____. Sorry! I’m sorry I ____ come to your party tomorrow.

Outcomes Beginner Vocabulary Builder Unit 1 p7




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