By the time the summer __________ ________, Kelly was feeling much better., If you want tickets, you'd better __________ ________. There's only a few left., See if you can __________ things __________ a little. , With Christmas __________ ________, we didn't have much spare money., But the positive interest of an agent is some guarantee that your work is not __________ ________ unnoticed., It isn't something you could __________ ________ and not notice., Come on, it’s __________ ________ and we ought to go home., I realized that time was __________ ________ and we would have to hurry., The party didn’t __________ ________ until after midnight., The meeting __________ ________ without any agreement., My whole childhood had been __________ ________ playing football in college., The search for the missing child continued, but time was __________ ________., I’m paid by the hour, so I __________ the work __________ as long as I can., You're not exactly a young lad any more so you've got to __________ ________ __________ ________., Try to __________ ________ some time each day for exercise., Working from home will__________ ________ more time to spend with your family., Illness had __________ her __________ a couple of weeks., The meeting has been __________ ________ to next Thursday., I wanted to __________ ________ a swim before breakfast., The doctor said he can _________ you __________ at 4:30., He__________ ________ a fortune on fast cars and gambling., More random checks are to be __________ ________ the next few weeks., The matter was __________ ________r for further review..



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