Did you ____ up early yesterday?, How many brothers and sisters do you ____?, What did you ____ for breakfast this morning?, How many emails did you ____ yesterday?, Did you ____ to the cinema at the weekend?, What time did you ____ to bed last night?, How often do you ____ a taxi?, When do you usually ____ shopping?, Do you usually ____ dinner with your family at Christmas?, Do you usually ____ home after class?, Where did you ____ lunch last Saturday?, How do you usually ____ to work/ school?, Did you ____ out last night?, Did you ____ a good time last weekend?, What car does your family ____?, What time did you ____ out during the week?, Do you usually ____ dressed before breakfast?, How often do you ____ to bed before midnight?, What did you ____ for dinner last night?, Do you ____ up at the same time during the week and the weekends?.



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