to have a vested interest, to have an axe to grind, in good faith, to play devil's advocate, to speak your mind, to sit on the fence, to beat about the bush, impartial, mouthpiece, rigorous, to spout, to get to the bottom of something, to be worth one's salt, biased, libel, slander, to have a slant on, have various preconceptions, challenge the stereotypes, have second thoughts, keep an open mind, be narrow-minded, eye-opening, see a situation from a whole new perspective, the argument is very convincing, if you want my personal opinion, opinionated, have a difference of opinion, opinion is divided, it's a matter of opinion, be entitled to your own opinion, keep your opinions to yourself, the general opinion, be over the hill, you'll go far, go downhill, at a crossroads, reach the peak, regurgitate, hard to swallow, half-baked idea, food for thought, put aside some time, waste precious time, can't afford to spend time, live on borrowed time, shine at English, flash of inspiration, dim, support, fall down, foundation, killing, find your feet, take advantage of opportunities, a setback, on a steep learning curve, learn the ropes, have a profound effect on, trust your instincts, go with your gut feeling.




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