1) Zack Barrington is ___plant thief.  a) a b) the c) - 2) He was in London_____ last week. ____police followed his car. a) -,the b) -,- c) the, -  3) Zack’s car crashed and he jumped into ____ river Thames. a) the b) a c) - 4) Near _____ police station, Zack opened ____ car door and escaped. a) the,the b) a, the c) the, - 5) ____policeman pulled him out of_____ water. a) a, the b) a, - c) - , a 6) I think he is in ____ rain forest now. a) the b) a c) - 7) Kate and Sam are now with Joe Alexander and Professor Wallace in ____ rain forest. a) the b) a c) -



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