1) My friends don't approve _____ smoking. a) in b) at c) of 2) He succeeded ____ establishing his own company. a) in b) on c) at 3) Can you turn down the music? I can't concentrate ____ my homework. a) in b) on c) at 4) My mood greatly depends _____ the weather. a) from b) of c) on 5) Before playing basketball we were divided _____ two teams. a) into b) on c) onto 6) Simon never laughs ____ my jokes. a) on b) by c) at 7) His disease prevented him _____ travelling around the world. a) from b) in c) for 8) I don't believe ____ this theory. a) at b) in c) on 9) His hardwork resulted _____ great marks at school. a) at b) in c) on 10) Smoking has a negative effect ____ your lungs. a) at b) in c) on 11) When he was a child, he didn't show any interest ____ books. a) in b) at c) on 12) In this fairy tale it turned ____ that the princess was actually a witch. a) up b) round c) out 13) Why don't you slow _____ and take a break? a) down b) up c) off 14) Henry always comes ____ with incredible ideas at nighttime. a) up b) down c) on 15) I turned _____ the first job offer I got. a) up b) down c) in 16) This organisation carried _____ different experiments on people. a) off b) up c) out 17) If you wear socks with sandals, some people can look _____ on you. a) down b) up c) at



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