1) make a difference 2) have smth which is not enough 3) fill in a lot of forms to start up a business 4) fight for living 5) have a few laws concerning crime 6) make some workers redundant 7) the economy is in decline 8) be completely over the top 9) businesses start up, unemployment drops 10) damage one's reputation 11) find smth hard to manage 12) a controversial issue 13) undergo organisational changes 14) be willing to do smth 15) overcome a challenge 16) a fatal flaw 17) live in poverty 18) boost one's reputation 19) boost profits 20) be morally corrupt 21) cut back on bureaucracy 22) be desperate for the staff 23) make ends meet 24) be short of cash 25) boost tourism 26) tuition fee 27) weekly online tutorials 28) make smth less effective




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