1) What ____(you/work) on at the moment? a) are you working b) do you working c) does you working d) you work 2) We ___(build) a block of flats now. a) are building b) build c) building d) are build 3) How many hours a week __ (you / usually spend) there? a) are you spend b) do you spend c) you spending d) spends you 4) We start working early but _________ (finish) at 5pm. a) finishing b) are finish c) finish d) are finishing 5) Do you ____(like) it? a) like b) likes c) liking d) liked 6) Yes, I do. I never____(get) bored. a) get b) getting c) gets d) is getting 7) I live in a city, but he _____(live) in a village. a) lives b) living c) is living d) does live 8) I don't enjoy travelling, but he ____(not like) staying in the one place. a) doesn't like b) not like c) don't like d) doesn't likes 9) They usually ___(visit) the city every two months. a) visit b) visits c) visiting d) are visiting 10) It’s the summer holidays, so he ___(not study) at the moment. a) isn't studing b) doesn't study c) isn't study d) doesn't studying 11) I ___(be) a builder. a) am b) is c) are d) being 12) What___(you/do)? a) do you do b) is you do c) are you do d) you do 13) My father __(run) the company. a) run b) runs c) is runnig d) is run




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