possession - if something is in your ________, you own it, or you have obtained it from somewhere, prevent - to stop somebody from doing something; to stop something from happening, prevention - when something bad is stopped from happening, regardless - ​paying no attention, even if the situation is bad or there are difficulties, rely - to trust someone or something, reliable - someone or something that is _____ can be trusted or depended on, remark - something that you say when you express an opinion or say what you have noticed, remarkable - unusual or surprising and therefore deserving attention or praise, significant - having an important effect or influence, especially on what will happen in the future, significantly - in a way that is large or important enough to have an effect on something or to be noticed, special - not ordinary or usual; different from what is normal, specialize - ​to become an expert in a particular area of work, study or business; to spend more time on one area of work, etc. than on others, symbolize - to be a symbol of something, variety - several different sorts of the same thing, volcanic - relating to or caused by a volcano,

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