possess - Different workers __________ different skills., possession - The house has been in the family’s _________ since the 1500s., prevent - The rules are intended to _________ accidents., prevention - Educating new drivers is important for the _________ of accidents., regard - All students must have access to quality education without _________ to wealth or class, regardless - The law requires equal treatment for all, ____________ of race, religion, or sex., rely - Families __________ more on wives' earnings than before., reliable - The system will be more __________ than the current equipment., remark - I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made that __________., remarkable - It’s a __________ achievement for the company., significant - Please inform us if there are any ___________ changes in your plans., significantly - Health problems can be _________ reduced by careful diet., special - I don't want an ordinary wedding. I want something ___________., specialized - My history professor _________ in Russian history., symbol - The dove is a __________ of peace., symbolize - Wedding rings ________________ a couple's commitment to each other., vary - The heights of the plants ______ from 8 cm to 20 cm., varieties - There are about 7,000 known _________ of apples., volcano - Pompei was destroyed when the ___________ erupted in 79 AD., volcanic - When did the ___________ eruption that destroyed Pompeii occur?,




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