1) ... you go to the cinema yesterday? a) Did b) Does c) Are d) Yes, I did. 2) What film did you.... ? a) saw b) see c) seen d) not see 3) ......it interesting? a) Did b) Were c) Was d) Am 4) Did you ....fun? a) has b) make c) have d) had 5) ....did you go with? - With my friends. a) What b) When c) Who d) Why 6) Did you .....tickets online? a) buy b) bought c) baught d) buyed 7) Did you ...... any food with you? a) took b) take c) taken d) taked 8) Did you have nice seats? - Yes, ......... a) Yes, we did. b) No, we didn't. c) No, we aren't d) Yes, we do 9) .... you share your impressions about the film? a) Does b) Did you c) Do d) Did 10) Did your parents want to see this film too? a) No, they didn't b) No, they don't c) Yes, why not not? d) No problem



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