1) Who/What was Lev Tolstoy? 2) How to say "2021"? 3) Who was/were Anna Petrova? 4) He learns Physics. He is a .... 5) She teaches children. She is a .... 6) He composed music. He was a .... 7) Was/Were they musicians? Yes, they... 8) Are/Was she a Russian inventor? No, she..... 9) How to say "1900"? 10) Past Simple for: play, want, watch, use, travel 11) Name three winter activities 12) What did you last holiday? Where did you go? 13) What didn't you do last holiday? 14) Translate "Ты играл в футбол вчера?" 15) When my parents were my age they.... 16) Past Simple for: have, buy, see, leave  17) How many things did you do last weekend? 18) Past Simple for: be, sit, take, go 19) How to say "1906"? 20) Translate "go abroad"

Комарова 5 Unit 7 lessons 37-39




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