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1) The _______ team helped search for survivors after the earthquake. a) charity b) volunteer 2) Peter has _______ published his third novel. a) yet b) for c) just 3) Martha _______ as a volunteer since 2010. a) has been working b) was working c) worked 4) Don't swim in the lake; it's very ________. a) polluted b) endangered 5) I'm sorry, I'm late. _______ for a long time? a) Have you been waiting b) Have you been c) Have you 6) Jack isn't here. He _______ skateboarding. a) has gone b) has been going c) has been 7) My brother hasn’t arrived at home ________. a) since b) yet c) already 8) Tony couldn't walk because he ________ his ankle. a) has twisted b) had twisted c) have twisted 9) Have you ever ________ to Australia? a) go b) gone c) been 10) They haven't been abroad ________ years. a) yet b) for c) since 11) Millions of people live in ________ in Africa. a) wealth b) poverty 12) Doctors ________ people's lives every day. a) save b) suffer 13) Sea turtles usually ________ their eggs at night. a) swim b) lay 14) They haven’t met ________ a long time. a) never b) yet c) for 15) She must be tired. She ________ all afternoon. a) has b) has been c) has been writing



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