An emergency (n) situation is a situation when somebody needs immediate help, like a fire or a car crash or a heart attack, Unnecessary (adj) - not necessary, Accidentally (adv) - to do something you haven't planned to do. Drop something, press a button, push someone., Dial (v) - to press numbers on the phone in order to make a call, A campaign (n) - a series of activities designed to produce a particular result. An election campaign, a campaign to protect the area from commercial development., A leaflet (n) - a sheet of paper advertising something. Protesters were handing out leaflets. , A fine (n) - if you park your car in a wrong place, you'll have to pay a fine, Inappropriate (adj.) - not appropriate or suitable for the place. It's inappropriate to greet an elderly professor with "Hey, man", domestic (adj) - used in household, drill, remote (adj) - far away from big cities, initially (adv) - from the beginning. Initially I wasn't going to go there, but then I changed my mind., swelling, rush (v) - to be in a hurry. They rushed him to a hospital. She rushed past me., require (v) - to make something necessary, to ask for it. My job requires a lot of travel. , transfer (v, n) - money transfer, bank transfer, transfer somebody to a different hospital/prison/department, despite (adv) - something happens even though there is something that prevents it from happening. Despite our best efforts to save him, the patient died during the night., collapse (v) - fall down (about a building or a person). , species (n) - a group of animals or plants that are similar, misuse (v) - to use something for a wrong purpose. She's charged with misusing company funds..

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