1) How_______time do you spend a day online? 2) How_______pairs of shoes do you have? 3) How______water do you drink a day? 4) How______money did you spend on clothes last month? 5) How_______ books did you read last month? 6) How__________countries did you visit last year? 7) How_______free time do you have during the week? 8) How___________tea or coffee did you drink yesterday? 9) How_________pictures do you have on your bedroom wall? 10) How________times do you eat out a week? 11) How________ emails do you get a day? 12) How_________games do you have on your phone and computer? 13) How_______time did you spend last week doing your homework? 14) How________photos do you have on your mobile phone? 15) How_________people in your family speak English? 16) How________meat do you eat a week? 17) How________text messages did you send yesterday? 18) How____________friends do you have on VK/Facebook? 19) How_________exercise do you do a week?



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