Ecuador has ___________ ____ its natural beauty to attract tourism., Adam ___________ed ____ his final exams., In the end we ___________ ____ ____ a French company because they could do the job cheaper., The studio planned to make a movie of the book but the deal ___________ ____., As in most of his films, it’s the good guys who ___________ ____ in the end., Surely she could _______ him ______ to her own side., I’ve made a cake, but it hasn’t ___________ ____ very well., The cover has ___________ ____ a bit too big., We shall only ___________ ____ dealing with the problems through a vast international cooperative effort., The accommodation is cool and spotless and staff _________ themselves ____ offering a warm welcome., As a nation we_________ ourselves _______ our strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play., I finally managed to ___________ ____ my driving test., I knew it was going to be difficult to _________ the car __________ its MOT test., Do any old codgers ___________ ____ the course?, We _________ed a lot of sightseeing _______ two weeks., In an essay of 2,000 words, you can __________ a lot ______., I was flattered to be offered the job but wasn’t sure if I could ____________ it ______., I thought he ___________ed ____f the part of Hamlet with great skill., In Microsoft Windows, you can ___________ ____ with just 2 megabytes of memory., Many species are ___________ed ____extinction., Often presentation ___________s ____ over content., He relied on his experience to __________ him ___________., You expect a certain amount of criticism, but you have to ___________ ____ it., These talks have ____________me___________ a lot of times., Small firms that ___________ ____ technologically can be rapidly wiped out., Companies that are not market-driven risk ___________ ____ the competition..



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