1 I’m worried ______the future., 2 My parents often complain _______my clothes., 3 I’ve applied_______ a summer job., 4 I have to apologise__________ something I said to my friend., 5 I’m always prepared ________my lessons., 6 I believe________ equal rights for everyone., 7 I’m going to specialise________ science subjects when I’m older., 8 I often succeed________ reaching the higher levels in video games., 9 My favourite pizza topping consists________ cheese, salami, chilli and ham., 10 I depend ________my parents for money., 11 I can’t cope ________people who gossip., 12 I know a good way to deal________ nasty comments on a blog., 13 When I compare my teenage years ________my parents’ teenage years,I think they had a better time., 14 I often dream________ the weekend when I’m at school., 15 I often argue_______ my brother or sister., 16 I often argue with my parents _______what time I have to come home..




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