Jane is 15 years old. She is very ____. Jane likes ____. She has long ____ and strong ____ of an athlete. Her ____ is dark and short. Her ____ are not very big but they are bright green. Jane has a nice kind ____. She is ____ a brown T-shirt, a light brown jacket and a skirt. She has dark brown ____ on her feet. She is ____ basketball now. Linda is not so ____ as Jane. She is not thin either. She has very nice brown ____, which is fairly long. Her ____ are dark, her nose is straight. She is a very ____ girl. Linda doesn't like to do ____. But she is ____ of books. She is ____ now. Alice is as tall as Linda but she is thinner. Her ____ is much longer than the hair of her ____. It’s of ____ red colour. Alice’s ____ are bright blue, her ____ are red. Alice is ____ trousers, a T-shirt and a long ____. She has black boots on her ____. Alice is ____ in dancing. She is having her ____ class now.



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